Ways to Improve Body Language You Should Know

Because only roughly 20% of our communication is verbal, it’s critical to improve your body language. The rest of the communication is nonverbal. As a result, understanding one’s own body language is critical if one wants to make the most of it. Most people find it difficult to master their body language completely. In this post, we will share with you some effective ways to improve body language in the daily communications.

Ways to Improve Body Language

Keep eye contact without staring

ways to improve body language: Keep eye contact without staring

Making eye contact shows that you’re paying attention to what’s being said to you. This action will greatly improve your body language by assisting you in gaining someone’s trust and assurance. Remember to keep your eyes open and look away every now and again. Gazing is excessive eye contact, and staring is a conversation killer. Do not stare unless you want to startle the person you’re talking to.

Point your feet

Point your feet toward someone if you want to have open dialogue and connection with them. We pay attention to where someone else’s feet point, even if we aren’t aware of it, because it indicates the way they wish to walk. It can appear as if you’re looking for a way out if your feet are pointing away from the person with whom you’re chatting.

Don’t cross your arms or legs

You’ve probably previously heard that crossing your arms can make you appear protective or guarded. This also applies to your legs. Maintain a wide range of motion in your arms and legs. This is one of the important ways to improve body language.

Relax your shoulders

It’s natural to be tense during a conversation. However, the stress should not interfere with your capacity to communicate. Try to relax your shoulders the next time you’re feeling tense. Lightly shake them and try to push them back as though you were reclining into your seat. People can tell you trust them and are at ease around them if your shoulders are relaxed.

Smile and laugh

ways to improve body language: Smile and laugh

Don’t take yourself too seriously and lighten up. When someone says something amusing, relax a little, smile, and laugh. If you appear to be a positive person, people will be more inclined to listen to you.

However, don’t be the first to laugh at your own jokes; it makes you appear jittery and needy. If you grin when you’re introduced to someone, but don’t keep it on your face, you’ll come out as insincere.

Put your phone away

It’s all too typical to snub someone because of your phone. While in the middle of a conversation, you can’t look at your text message and be entirely engaged on that person. This is one of the most distracting things you can do, and it gives the message that you don’t care about what’s going on right in front of you. It’s not enjoyable to be phubbed, so put your phone away while conversing with others.

Don’t fidget

Also, fidgety movement and nervous twitches like shaking your knee or tapping your fingers against the table quickly should be avoided, phased out, or transformed. When you’re trying to communicate anything, you’ll appear worried or tense, and squirming might be distracting.

If you’re all over the place, declutter your movements. Relax, slow down, and concentrate your movements.

Keep your head up

When you look down, you give off one of two impressions: either you’re insecure and lost, or you’re untrustworthy. As a result, keeping your head up guarantees that you remain open and earn your addresser’s trust and respect.

Use your hands more confidently

Use your hands more confidently

Instead of fidgeting and scratching your face, use your hands to express what you’re trying to say. To describe something or to lend weight to a statement you’re attempting to make, use your hands.

However, don’t utilize them too frequently or they’ll become distracting. Also, don’t let your hands flail around; instead, control them.

Notice what the other person’s body is doing

When we’re having a relaxed, natural conversation, our bodies tend to replicate the behaviors of the person with whom we’re conversing. You can pay attention to the other person’s body language and softly mirror it to help ease into the conversation’s natural flow.


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