Unmissable Places in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a magical city with historical sites of cultural importance. Walking through the old streets is an enchanting experience and pilgrims of all faiths clogging the pathways only add to the intoxicating ambiance. In this post, we will share with you some of the unmissable places in Jerusalem to visit while traveling.

Unmissable Places in Jerusalem

1. Western Wall

unmissable places in Jerusalem: Western Wall


The holiest place in Judaism is fascinating to visit and has an electric atmosphere where, as Orthodox Jews kick back and forth, pray at the West Wall.

Supporting one side of Temple Mountain, the area now functions as a de facto synagogue. It is commonly known as the Wall of Wailing because Jews have come here to mourn the destruction of the Temple in 70 C.E.

A point not to be missed when coming to Jerusalem, visitors can stop at the separate worshiping areas and experience the enchanting atmosphere for themselves. You can even write a prayer and thread it into the cracks between the stones of the giant, white stone wall.

2. Haram Al-Sharif

Also known as Temple Mount, this is a sacred site in all the religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. It was a hill located in the Old City. Today what remains is a plaza with its walls still protruding and one of them is the West Wall, another tourist attraction in Jerusalem. The Bible says that there are Jewish temples on the top of the hill, while Muslims believe it to be the site of one of the three sacred mosques. As such, it is one of the most controversial religious sites globally.

3. Israel Museum

unmissable places in Jerusalem: Israel Museum


Opened in 1965, the Israel Museum’s superb collection covers more than 5000 years of history and its main focus is art and archeology.

Wandering through archaeological galleries, you’ll find a multitude of artifacts discovered in the area and items from the Muslim world, the Near East, Italy, and Greece all on display. The famous Dead Sea Scrolls are just one of the highlights; Seeing ancient manuscripts of the Bible is an inspiring experience.

The museum’s Jewish art wings and life are also very enjoyable to visit. Here, you can learn a lot about Jewish culture and traditions such as wedding practices.

4. Church Of The Holy Sepulchre

The holiest Christian site in Jerusalem is known as the Church Of The Holy Sepulchre. It is the holy place where Christ was crucified and buried. As tourists, one can visit this place and participate in hymns and chants that take place after that at noon. Climb the stairs to reach the Cavalry, as it’s one of the best sections to see here. There are many different chapels that you can visit here. Also, since this is a religious site, you should dress appropriately. This is one of the unmissable places in Jerusalem.

5. Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem


A place full of emotion, you should visit Yad Vashem while in Jerusalem. This is Israel’s official memorial to the people who were brutally murdered in the Holocaust.

Located on the slopes of Herzl, the memorial site houses the Holocaust Memorial Museum, which takes you through the horrible crimes committed by the Nazis. See all the dead people’s photos in the ‘Museum of Names’ is something you will never forget.

While many sounds, videos, and items on display are shocking, just as many represent rebirths and the exhibit ‘Eternal Flame ‘is a perfect example of this.

6. Tower of David

Located close to Jaffa Gate, the Tower of David is an ancient citadel. It is also a site of panoramic city views. Here one can visit the Tower of David Museum which is quite an interesting place. There are archaeological ruins here that date back to 2,700 years. There are exhibits displaying the history of Jerusalem. One can find maps, and audiotapes too! So, all you history buffs and shutterbugs, make a note and do not miss out on visiting the Tower of David.

7. The Garden Tomb

The Garden Tomb


This miraculous stone-cut tomb dates from the 8-7 century BC and some Christians believe that is where Jesus was buried and later rose from the dead.

Consequently, many pilgrims and tourists visit the tranquil gardens where it is located, although it remains a nice quiet place away from the crowds that clog the old streets of the Old City.

Located next to Calvary with an ominous name, there is much debate over whether Jesus is really buried here, but is worth visiting in any case.


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