Things To Do In Los Angeles In March – 5 Things You Should Know!

There are many Things To Do In Los Angeles In March. You are looking for things to do in Los Angeles this month? We looked ahead on our calendar to highlight some of the best events that happen in March around Los Angeles that you must definitely be aware of. After all, it’s better to buy your tickets now rather than wait until the last minute and discover that your favorite event has sold out.

Things To Do In Los Angeles In March

Here is the list of the top Things To Do In Los Angeles In March that you should know!

The Getty Center

The Getty Center
The Getty Center

The Getty Center is one of the most popular Los Angeles attractions.

This institution is well-known throughout Los Angeles and the region for its standing in the art world and industry.

Exhibits but also showcases vary across the Getty Center’s numerous buildings, and free tours allow you to discover various aspects of the Center in engaging and educational ways.

The permanent collection at the Getty Center got the most significant boost from J. Paul Getty’s $1.2 billion bequest when he died.

The collection includes Western art from the Middle Ages to the present, with a sharing of information on the Pacific Coast Highway at the Getty Villa focusing on European art.

These permanent collections house some iconic original pieces.

Other exhibits include a garden designed by Robert Irwin that spans 134,000 square feet and is often referred to as a living sculpture and a floating labyrinth that residences over 500 species of flora.

There are also many temporary exhibits that concentrate on various perfectly curated works.

Don’t forget to visit the gift shop for art reproductions as well as souvenirs; it’s a collector’s must-do!

Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl
Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl is really a Los Angeles treasure during the summer.

This outdoor amphitheater is a popular tourist attraction in California.

It first opened in 1922 and is known for its famous shell shape, which provides excellent acoustics and is probably one of the many reasons it became so well-known from the start.

In general part, the Hollywood Bowl is one of the greatest music performance venues in Los Angeles, focusing primarily on classical music, although some modern artists have performed here as well

Musicals, film screenings, and orchestras are also performed here on occasion.

Seating can be difficult and expensive, but most people think it’s well worth it!

Angeles National Forest

Angeles National Forest
Angeles National Forest

The Angeles National Forest is well-known as one of the must-see destinations for visitors to Los Angeles, California looking for an energetic, exploration-filled day trip.

And over a thousand square miles of lush greenery scattered across 53 different trailheads provide plenty of fun treks and cover a lot of ground.

This Los Angeles national forest offers a variety of sports opportunities.

Running,  boating, hiking, biking, and skiing are all options, and whatever type of nature you enjoy, there’s bound to be something for you.

Mt. Baldy offers a breathtaking panoramic view, the Bridge to Nowhere is an eerie and melancholy stop, the Devil’s Punchbowl is a unique geological phenomenon, and Pyramid Lake is nothing short of stunning with its unique man-made rock formation.

Venice Canals

venice canals los angeles
venice canals los angeles

A trip to Los Angeles, California would be incomplete without a stop at the Venice Canals.

The canals flow through the cute bungalows of classic Venetian style, providing a romantic but also whimsical view of the lovely streets.

Abbot Kinney, a developer, is responsible for the development of the Venice Canals; he built them in 1905, and the bridges that cross them have been norms for fun and romance ever since.

A walk through the Venice Canals is stunning, relaxing, and one of the most fun Things To Do In Los Angeles In March.

You might see egrets, herons,  parrots, and pelicans flying by if you’re lucky.

If you’re visiting with children, one of the canals’ corners has a children’s park complete with birds and, possibly, ducklings, so that’s a great place to go!

California Science Center

California Science Center
California Science Center

The California Science Center is an ideal setting for exploration, excitement, and education, helping to make it one of the best places to visit for children and adults!

The center provides free admission, for certain exhibits and shows charging a fee, and timed tickets are required during peak seasons.

The Ecosystems showcase is the most popular exhibit at this science center in Los Angeles.

This showpiece is a permanent exhibition that displays a diverse range of ecosystems across eight habitat zones.

Creative World is another excellent exhibit that encourages visitors to discover architecture and transportation, as well as the innovations and technologies involved.

The Air and Space exhibit is appealing to space enthusiasts.

It has Pete Conrad and Dick Gordon’s Gemini 11 capsule on display and teaches tourists about the Endeavor space shuttle.

If you’d rather watch a movie, the science center has an IMAX theater that shows a variety of educational and entertaining films.

Begin Planning Your Visit to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is densely packed with popular attractions, and there is always plenty to do and fun activities to try.

Whether you’re visiting the city today, tomorrow, this week, this weekend, or in the future, you can count on LA to surprise you.

This travel guide should have shown you all of the best spots for sightseeing and everything else the City of Angels has to offer, so you don’t miss out on the best Things To Do In Los Angeles In March ( or summer), California.


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