IBM Watson – Leading Business Intelligence Analyst Solution

Finding metrics and researching data will become a solid foundation for your business decisions.

A modern form of technology that provides metrics for you to analyze and plan for the future of your business is essential. Luckily, we found IBM Watson, a Leading Business Intelligence Analyst Solution.

In this article, we want to mention Business Intelligence Analysts. This is a useful and modern tool that demonstrates the development of artificial intelligence. Nowadays, many businesses and business organizations are using Business Intelligence to easily achieve their business goals. So we searched for a Business Intelligence Analyst named IBM Watson. Let’s find out why we chose IBM Watson over another name!!

First of all, to better understand Business Intelligence Analyst, we invite you to read through its concept right below.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence provides a comprehensive view of an organization’s data and uses it to drive change, eliminate inefficiencies, and respond quickly to market changes. Modern business intelligence solutions prioritize agile self-service analytics, managed data on trusted platforms, empowered business users, and insight speed.

In particular, BI includes skills, processes, technologies or applications to support decision-making. Business Intelligence Analyst is a combination of business analytics, data mining, data visualization, data tools, and infrastructure to help organizations make data-driven decisions (Data-Driven Decision-Making).

On the other hand, it is a tool to transform raw data into meaningful information with easy-to-understand, interactive charts and images. This is to give leaders an overview of the business’s performance and for business analysis purposes.

What is Business Intelligence?

When you use Business Intelligence Analyst, you get a holistic view of your business data and use it to analyze and make more relevant changes. With BI, you will eliminate inefficiencies, quickly adapt to the market, and accelerate the growth of your business in the future.

Why is IBM Watson Leading Business Intelligence Analyst Solution?

Introduce IBM Watson

Watson is an artificial intelligence software program developed by IBM to provide answers to natural language questions. The program, named after IBM co-founder Thomas J. Watson, is being developed as part of the DeepQA research project.

IBM Watson’s cognitive and analytical capabilities allow it to respond to human voices, process vast troves of data, and answer questions that are hard for businesses to answer. As new data is entered into Watson’s data warehouse, it uses machine learning to further advance its knowledge of fields and topics to satisfy the needs of its users.

Besides, it also plays an important role in the management of unstructured data, which accounts for about 80% of the data managed in most companies today. Watson “learns” a topic by concatenating questions and answers after the user loads all relevant documents (Word documents, .pdf files, web pages, etc).

What distinguishes IBM Watson from other Business Intelligence Analysts is its direct relevance to business problem-solving. With the ability to quickly analyze data, the level of recognition of human speech patterns with many different languages, it has succeeded in supporting the development of the future.

In 2011, IBM Watson gained worldwide attention for the first time as the computer “brain” winning a million dollars on the TV game show Jeopardy! by defeating human contestants. Since then, IBM has widely deployed Watson in many verticals and application areas, to this day it has become the standard for purposeful analytic processing.

IBM Watson ranks first in IDC’s AI Marketplace rankings for market share in 2020. It also ranks 13th out of the top 14 system integrators using Watson. And moreover, it accounts for 70% of global banking institutions using Watson.

IBM Watson is AI for smarter business” seems to be a slogan about IBM Watson, true to its intelligence. Not only does it deliver great results for people, but it also helps businesses go beyond expectations. And all of this is why we say IBM Watson is a Leading Business Intelligence Analyst Solution.

Discuss How to use Watson to improve business processes

Today, companies in a wide range of industries run IBM Watson for predictive analytics and problem solving. This BI Analyst Solution gives them a competitive edge and helps them return more value to their customers and even the businesses themselves. IBM Watson is applicable to a wide range of companies, organizations and public sector entities as it has been customized for many of these industries’ knowledge bases.

This Business Intelligence Analyst Solution handles natural language to help businesses run their business more efficiently. For example, in the medical industry, doctors can use Watson to study hundreds or millions of disease samples to identify diseases and provide more optimal treatments.

Companies can pay many millions of dollars for a Watson system that can run the system internally. Not only that, but Watson access is also available through the IBM cloud for many industries, making it a viable option for many SMEs. Specifically:

  • Businesses can afford to invest large sums of money to buy an internal IBM Watson system that is useless servers connected together into a processing cluster. For small businesses or on a budget, Watson can be accessed through the IBM cloud.
  • This implies that businesses don’t need to invest in pricey on-premises computers; instead, they can use Watson to start small and just pay for what they actually need. Developers can also integrate IBM Watson features into other business apps thanks to a robust set of APIs.

Discuss How to use IBM Watson to improve business processes

1. Training “an expert advisor” Watson

Watson and other machine learning systems are only as good when you train them in the best way. If you want your IBM Watson to be comprehensive, the training data needs to be not only high quality, but also diverse.

Watson is able to read and, to a certain extent, comprehend materials written in both common and technical languages. If you want to get the most usable information out of Watson, you might still need to clean up the data you used to train it.

Competitors in your industry may also have their own “advisor” and you must invest in common expertise in your businesses. Additionally, you also need to provide your Business Intelligence Analyst with multiple areas of knowledge related to that role.

However, training systems to understand each of these different areas can be difficult and time-consuming. Turning Watson into an expert advisor is a long process, even if you only focus on one area of knowledge related to a role. This is why researchers and entrepreneurs often focus on a particular discipline and work on developing it further.

2. Regardless of the answer “Yes” / “No”

In many cases, you should not expect Watson to give a definitive “Yes” or “No” answer, especially in complex situations where the correct decision is made with a call to judgment. As such, Watson should be viewed as a tool to highlight your business’s best options available, so that you can make the best decision without having to be rigid in your answer.

3. More infrastructure

To support the collection, storage, and analysis of diverse data sets, and to make expert systems widely available, and more. What you need is to deploy more infrastructure than what your business already has.

To securely collect as much relevant data as possible and share expertise from wide and remote systems of experts. Your business should spend a lot of time researching and coming up with a plan to work with IBM, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and AT&T to build a dedicated network and storage platform.


You should have your own business strategies and if you are looking for a Best Business Intelligence Analyst Solution for your business then consider IBM Watson. Above is information about Business Intelligence and the answer to the question Why is IBM Watson Leading Business Intelligence Analyst Solution?

You can refer to them to better understand them and make the best decisions for your company. Success is what any business person wants to achieve, let IBM Watson help you achieve it. If you find our article useful, please share it with your colleagues or partners to develop together in this technological age. Good luck!

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