Best Vegan Restaurants in Portland

Portland has a long history of being a vegan utopia, with a plethora of animal-free options. Vegan restaurants and chefs in Portland are inventing new methods to cater to the plant-based and vegetable-friendly diet. Here is a list of the best vegan restaurants in Portland.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Portland

Maruti Indian Restaurant

best vegan restaurants in Portland: Maruti Indian Restaurant

This modest vegan restaurant in Portland is family-owned and operated, and it provides delicious, authentic Indian food. The menu is entirely vegetarian, but there are lots of vegan and gluten-free options that are so tasty that even meat eaters won’t miss it.

Tasteful tikka, delectable samosas, and don’t forget the naan at Maruti in Portland’s Hawthorne District.


Aviv is best known for their soy curl shawarma fries topped with house-made hummus, tahini, zhoug, and amba, which are inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine. Customers at the Pearl and Killingsworth restaurants can order takeout and delivery, as well as enjoy outdoor sitting.

The supper menu’s small plates section offers a chance to sample some of Aviv’s most popular dishes, including falafel, Ota tofu feta, cashew labneh, and mushroom calamari.

Farm Spirit

Farm Spirit is by far the best vegan restaurant in Portland, and our top choice for the best Vegan restaurants in Portland. Farm Spirit is a difficult and expensive reservation to obtain, and you will be seated for three hours, but it is well worth every cash and minute.

The level of artistry and attention at Farm Spirit is mindblowing. From the cocktails or mocktails, to the near-single-ingredient dishes utilizing an ingredient in about 10 different iterations, to the fizzy juice and spritzer drink pairings, the level of artistry and attention at Farm Spirit is mindblowing.

Mis Tacones

best vegan restaurants in Portland: Mis Tacones

Mis Tacones provides tacos, tortas, nachos, and burritos at Local Lounge on the first and third Saturdays of each month, all filled with extra juicy house-made seitan and served with pico de gallo and cashew crème.

The rustic hand-pressed to order tortillas, made with Three Sisters Nixtamal, are no joke, and first-timers can choose an array of the Los Angeles street style meets Baja California, Mexico style tacos.

Ichiza Kitchen

This is one of the best vegan restaurants in Portland. Ichiza Kitchen’s excellent menu of pan-Asian comfort food that comforts the soul brings vegan creativity to Portland’s Concordia area.

Their rice and noodle bowls are sure to fill you up, and the little plates are just the right size to split as a meal. A pleasant added bonus is the availability of rare oolong teas and sake.

Baby Blue Pizza

Food carts and pizza are two of Portland’s favorite pastimes. Vegans can now enjoy both thanks to the wonderful people at Baby Blue. At their Sunnyside location, they installed a full-sized wood-fired pizza oven in a food cart, and the results have been spectacular.

Their naturally leavened dough, which is prepared from a sourdough starter and fermented for 48 hours, has received a lot of praise in the culinary business, and each bite has the right blend of soft, chewy, pillowy bliss and crispy, crunchy bliss. The menu is simple and straightforward, but you can’t go wrong with any of the options.

Virtuous Pie

Virtuous Pie

Virtuous Pie is one of the top vegan restaurants in Portland, as well as the only vegan pizza restaurant in the city. A vegan pizza shop that made our ranking of Portland’s Top 35 Pizzas. And there’s vegan ice cream on the side.

While pizza and ice cream are the main attractions, VP also serves delicious small meals and salads, such as the Kale Caesar and the Roasted Cauliflower Romanesco. Virtuous pie is located on Division St. in Southeast Portland, between Pine State Biscuits and Aviv, and because you’re in Southeast Portland, you’ll find plenty of tacos, pizza, sandwiches, coffee shops, and meals within walking distance.

Homegrown Smoker

Homegrown Smoker, located in Portland’s St. John’s area, is the only one of our finest vegan restaurants in Portland that began as a popular food cart. We’re currently craving the tempeh “ribs” and nori wrapped “fish” and chips (tofu) that have been excellently breaded.

For a group of hungry eaters, the best deal is to build your own plate by selecting a couple of proteins and then adding sides like macaroni and cheese, cole slaw, braised collards, sweet potato fries, or hush puppies. With a glass of kombucha to wash it down, you’re set for the day.


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