5 Cloud-based E-commerce Solutions To Create An Online Store

In today’s digital landscape, establishing an online store has become essential for businesses to thrive. Fortunately, there is a wide range of Cloud-based E-commerce Solutions available that offer user-friendly platforms, robust features, and scalability. In this article, Topstravelz.com explore five top-notch cloud-based e-commerce solutions that empower entrepreneurs and businesses to effortlessly create and manage their online stores, paving the way for success in the competitive world of e-commerce.

5 Cloud-based E-commerce Solutions To Create An Online Store

Hostinger Website Builder

Cloud-based E-commerce Solutions
Cloud-based E-commerce Solutions

With the help of the user-friendly drag-and-drop Hostinger Website Builder, anyone can quickly and easily design a website without any coding knowledge. It’s ideal for rapidly and easily launching an internet business.

It provides two simple methods for building websites. There are more than 100 fully adjustable, responsive, and well-designed website templates available. Alternately, let AI construct a complete website for you with unique pictures, text, and alt text.

Other AI-powered tools are also included with this platform. Its AI Writer can produce unique website copy for your site, and its AI Logo Maker can develop a logo in a matter of seconds.

The builder includes a number of practical eCommerce capabilities. Its eCommerce management system offers a user-friendly interface that makes managing orders and inventories simple. It supports more than 20 payment methods internationally and allows you to sell up to 500 products without paying transaction fees.

To increase the functionality of your website, Hostinger Website Builder also offers a number of third-party integrations. Examples include using Google Analytics to monitor the effectiveness of your website and Messenger Live Chat to give clients a simple way to get in touch with you.

Hostinger offers live chat and email service around the clock. Additionally, it offers a variety of educational resources, such as its textual instructions and beneficial videos located on its Hostinger Academy YouTube channel.


Cloud-based E-commerce Solutions
Cloud-based E-commerce Solutions

A WordPress plugin called WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce solution. It is the most widely used platform in the eCommerce industry, being used by more than 12% of all online stores worldwide.

This plugin enables you to upgrade an existing WordPress website with the necessary online store capabilities. Control your online store straight from the WordPress dashboard after installation and activation.

WooCommerce offers a range of eCommerce services, including payment processing and inventory management. Numerous extensions are available for it, including ones for shipping, marketing, and store administration.

Numerous free themes are offered through the official WordPress directory in terms of design. Both free and paid WooCommerce themes are available on third-party websites like ThemeGrill.

For its premium extensions, this free eCommerce platform also provides live chat assistance. Additionally, it offers online tutorials and discussion boards where you can get help from WooCommerce experts and regular users.


Cloud-based E-commerce Solutions
Cloud-based E-commerce Solutions

A cost-free, open-source eCommerce solution is PrestaShop Basic Edition. All you have to do is buy a PrestaShop hosting package and set up the online store software on your hosting account.

The platform provides a variety of capabilities, including a system for managing products, many payment processors, and configurable checkouts.

In order to increase sales and conversions, it also provides a collection of modules dubbed PrestaShop Essentials. PrestaShop Checkout, Marketing, Paylater, Social, and Metrics are some of these modules.

Paylater and PrestaShop Checkout aid in facilitating safe and customized payments. PrestaShop Marketing and Social allows business owners to increase brand visibility by integrating product catalogs with Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

PrestaShop Metrics, which synchronizes with Google Metrics, offers an overview of sales data and store performance in terms of eCommerce metrics.

For more modules and website templates, visit the PrestaShop Add-Ons Marketplace.

PrestaShop Experts are another distinctive attribute of this eCommerce platform. It links retailers with dependable parties who can assist with particular business tasks like design or content management.

PrestaShop offers official documentation and a Help Center in terms of support. A paid technical assistance program is also available for $272.

Shopify – Cloud-based E-commerce Solutions

Cloud-based E-commerce Solutions
Cloud-based E-commerce Solutions

With its user-friendly drag-and-drop builder and ready-made templates, Shopify is a well-known eCommerce website builder that enables you to construct your own online store in a matter of minutes.

It has numerous functionalities. For instance, it enables business owners to send emails to customers urging them to finish their purchases through abandoned cart recovery.

The fraud analysis function of Shopify is another helpful feature that helps reduce the risk of chargebacks by identifying orders that may have been fraudulently placed and paid for with credit cards.

More than 100 payment methods are supported by Shopify. However, it levies additional transaction fees ranging from 0.5 to 2%, depending on the plan. Customers in eligible locations can utilize Shopify Payments to avoid paying this cost.

This platform provides email, live chat, and phone help around the clock. Due to this, Shopify is excellent for new users and independent store owners.


Cloud-based E-commerce Solutions
Cloud-based E-commerce Solutions

For medium-sized to large organizations, including B2B firms and distributors, BigCommerce is a dependable SaaS eCommerce website builder.

Omnichannel selling is one of its distinguishing qualities. Utilize this solution to link your eCommerce store to a number of marketplaces while maintaining centralized inventory management.

This well-known eCommerce platform provides client segmentation based on demographic information and online buying preferences. A tailored shopping experience can also be offered through product recommendations and promotions.

Additionally, BigCommerce provides SEO tools and social media integration to help increase traffic to your website and raise its search engine results.

Moreover, it facilitates headless trade. This implies that while the content and visuals are managed by a content management system (CMS), you may use the platform to run your online store.

Cloud-based E-commerce Solutions Conclusion

In conclusion, these five cloud-based e-commerce solutions offer businesses user-friendly platforms and powerful features to establish and manage their online stores. With scalability and ease of use, entrepreneurs can confidently enter the digital marketplace and reach customers worldwide.

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